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Genoa - Kingston - Kirkland Soccer - AYSO Region 1284

Games and Practices

  • Most games take place on Saturday mornings; there may be some weeknight games
  • Your coach will distribute the schedule for games and practices
  • Players should arrive early in order to stretch, warm up, go over field assignments, and to ensure that the game starts on time
  • If you know your player is not going to be at a game, or if your player will be late, please let your coach know as soon as possible
Game Day
  • Spectators should plan to bring lawn chairs, blankets, etc., as appropriate
  • Take all the photos you want...but please be advised that it is VERY hard to take good-quality soccer photos due to the distance from the players, and also because the game is constantly in motion
  • Consider sitting back and enjoying the game, and take a close-up photo of your player afterwards
  • Each coach sets the practice schedule for their team
  • Additional practices or scrimmages may be scheduled
  • There may be some days when there will not be practice due to school activities, game schedule changes, or other reasons
  • Your coach will let you know of any schedule changes
  • Parents and siblings are encouraged to stay for practices, but please pick up your player on time
  • If your player needs to miss practice, please let your coach know as soon as possible


  • All games are played as scheduled, rain or shine, unless thunder and lightning are present or in the event the weather worsens
  • Yes, we even play if it is snowing!
  • Always assume that the game is still on (especially if mild and no lightning)
  • All game play is at the sole discretion of the referee and/or the regional commissioner or his/her designee
  • If there is a cancellation of a game or practice, your coach will let you know as soon as possible
  • The region and/or the referee will decide if conditions are such that the game will be canceled, and then your coach will let you know
  • Therefore, ALWAYS assume the game is on unless you hear from your coach or the region

Game Information

Game Play
  • The game consists of two "halves"
  • There is a brief "substitution" break at approximately the midpoint of each half
  • Players or positions may be changed at halftime and at the substitution break
  • Everyone should drink water during the breaks
  • There may be occasions when there will not be an official referee for a game, especially at the lower levels
  • If there is no referee, coaches will most likely serve as referees
  • Parents may be asked their opinion who last touched the ball, etc., when the ball goes out of bounds; however the referee makes the final determination

What to Bring

  • Water
    • Bring to each game and practice
  • Bug spray
    • Bring to each game and practice
  • Soccer ball
    • Please bring the proper-size soccer ball to practices
  • Shin guards
    • Mandatory for both practices and games
    • Worn under the socks
    • Can be purchased at Walmart, Target, etc., or a sporting goods store

Forbidden Items!

The following items are not allowed:
  • Jewelry
  • Earrings
  • Hard hair clips
  • Barrettes

How Long is the Game?

Playground -
6U - 20-40 Minutes
8U - 40 Minutes (20 Minute Halves)
10U - 50 Minutes (25 Minute Halves)
12U - 60 Minutes (30 Minute Halves)
14U - 70 Minutes (35 Minute Halves)
18U - 90 Minutes (45 Minute Halves)

What Does 'Offside' Mean?

Purpose of the Offside Rule
  • To prevent a team from having a player "camp" in front of an opponent's goal waiting for an easy score
  • The offside rule is not called below the 10U level
  • Therefore, do not worry about offsides until your player is on a 10U or above team
More Information
  • Players, coaches, parents, and even referees can be confused by this very important rule
  • Therefore, we have created an "Understanding the Offside Rule" page that clearly explains the rule

National Partners

Regional Commissioner - Jason Haack

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