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Understanding the Offside Rule

The purpose of the offside rule is to prevent a team from having a player "camp" in front of an opponent's goal waiting for an easy score.

  • A player is in the "offside position" if he/she is nearer to the opponent's goal line than both the ball and the second-to-last-last opponent
  • A player in the offside position is not in violation of the rule
  • However, once he/she plays the ball while in the offside position, that is when the violation of the rule occurs
  • In other words, a player is offside if he/she gains an advantage from being ahead of the ball at the moment the ball touches or is played by a member of the same team
  • (Note: Offside is not called below the 10U division)
  • For an offside position to occur, all three conditions must occur:
    • The offensive player must be in the offensive half of the field;
    • The offensive player must be closer to the opponent's goal line than the ball;
    • The offensive player must be closer to the opponent's goal line than the next to last defender

  • The referee's moment of judgment is the instant the ball is played, not when it is received

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