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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is my child the right age for AYSO soccer?
  • Our player programs are open to all children ages 3-18 can play AYSO soccer
What makes AYSO different?
  • Our mission is to provide quality youth soccer programs where everyone builds positive character through participation in a safe, fun, family-oriented soccer environment
  • AYSO's six philosophies separate us from the pack:
    • Everyone Plays
    • Balanced Teams
    • Open Registration
    • Positive Coaching
    • Good Sportsmanship
    • Player Development
Besides the registration fee, what other expenses can I anticipate?
  • Shin guards (required) - can be purchased at Walmart, Target, etc., or a sporting goods store
  • Practice ball - see our "What Size Ball Do I Need?" chart
  • Water bottle
  • Bug spray is highly recommended
  • Snacks - each family is often requested to bring snacks for the team at a game during the season
  • In addition, the coach may request a small amount to cover the expenses of an end-of-season team party
Do I have to get soccer shoes for my child to play?
  • Soccer shoes ("cleats") are not required, but are highly recommended
  • If you buy soccer shoes, please keep in mind they cannot have a toe cleat (baseball shoes have a toe cleat)
  • If you buy them or already have them, the toe cleat can often be removed with a utility knife
What if I haven't heard from my coach?
  • After registration, the AYSO board has many responsibilities, including the following:
    • Creating teams
    • Preparing game schedules
    • Ordering uniforms
    • Processing payments
    • Obtaining volunteer coaches
    • Scheduling referees
    • And More
  • Once that is complete, we have a meeting with all of the coaches - usually in mid-July - where the coaches receive their player rosters
  • Your coach will then contact you toward the end of July regarding schedules and other pertinent information
  • Teams are not allowed to start practicing until August 1
Why are the players required to wear their soccer socks over their shin guards?
  • Safety is the primary reason
  • Wearing the socks over the shin guards prevents the shin guards from shifting during running or when being kicked
Is it OK for players to wear jewelry during practice and game?
  • No. Jewelry of any kind (necklaces, watches, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc.) cannot be worn during practice or games
  • There is an exception for Med-Alert bracelets, but they must be completely covered with tape or a soft cloth band
What kinds of hair accessories are acceptable?
  • Any hair accessories may not be made of metal, plastic, or any other hard material, and should not be rigid
  • Soft hair accessories such as "scrunchies" are recommended and acceptable
What about eyeglasses and hearing aids?
  • Glasses, hearing aids, and med-alerts may be worn to practices and games
  • The use of an eyeglass holder/strap or sports-glasses is recommended
  • As stated above, Med-Alerts must be completely covered with tape or a soft cloth band as a safety measure
The doctor said that my child can play with his arm splint. Will AYSO allow him/her to play?
  • No. While the doctor may be representing your child's interest appropriately, the risk to other players mandates that his/her participation be limited to that of moral support on the sidelines. This applies at the games as well as at practices
My child was injured during a game/practice.  What do I do?
  • Contact your coach, as an injury report must be completed
It can be cold during the games. Can my child wear a sweatshirt?
  • Any extra articles of clothing must be worn under the uniform
  • It is recommended that any extra articles of clothing be limited to undershirts, turtlenecks or sweatshirts (under the uniform)
  • Players can wear stocking caps and gloves during the game
  • See our “Weather” page for more information

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